What are the keys to success when selling a home? Too often, many sellers believe the asking price is the most important factor for selling their home. Although the asking price is important, it is not the only key to selling a home successfully. Also, simply having a sign in your yard will not guarantee a successful sale. Ultimately, there are five keys to success when selling a home. Read on to find out what they are.

1st Key to Success: Location

We have all heard the saying, “Location, location, location.” The location of a home is a major reason why buyers choose to make an offer. Buyers have differing preferences for desired locations. For example, many buyers prefer a home located near local stores, parks, schools, and expressways for easy commuting. Other desirable location features include backing up to woods, being on a cul-de-sac, & near or backing up to a golf course. On the other hand, homes on a main road or that back to one can decrease the value of that home leading to less success in selling. This can also be true for corner lots.

Comic: Birds in tree with birdhouse. 1st key to selling a home-location.  "You'll love the location...It's only twenty feet to the nearest parked car!"









Location, location, location!!

2nd Key to Success: Terms

The pricing of a home must reflect the terms available. The more financing terms accepted, the more potential buyers. Therefore, the easier the terms, the more valuable the property becomes to buyers. Having terms that attract more buyers increases the likelihood of a successful sale.

3rd Key to Success: Condition of the home

The condition of a home is a major key to a successful sale. Homes that have been well taken care of will always fetch a higher sale’s price over those that are in need of repairs. Most buyers are looking for properties that have had recent updates. High on a buyer’s list of needs are updated mechanics such as HVAC, hot water heater, electrical, and plumbing. Home buyers also prefer and will pay more for homes with updated roofs and interiors. A home can be prepped in a variety of ways prior to putting it on the market. This helps increase the perceived value of the property. However, it is best to know what easy improvements are worth doing to fetch the best return on investment when selling your home.

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Comic: Agent showing a house and falls through the floor. "Mr. Starky was the first to find a structural defect." 3rd key to selling a home- condition of the home.









Structurally sound?!

4th Key to Success: Price

Another key to successfully selling a home is the listing price. There is an art to successfully pricing a home to sell. Buyers want to get a good value at a fair price. Sellers want to achieve the best possible return on their investment. Therefore, the listing price must strike a balance between both the buyer’s and seller’s needs. Setting a price at market value will draw the most traffic and competition increasing the likelihood of a quick sale at the highest price. In contrast, overpricing a property leaves out a great number of potential buyers. This decreases the chance of multiple offers which would naturally drive up the sale price. Having a detailed comparative market analysis (CMA) is essential to properly pricing a home for sale.

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Scale with price and value balanced. 4th key to selling a home- List price.









Strike a balance between value and price to bring the most competition to your property.

5th Key to Success: Marketing

Simply having a sign in your yard or listing the property on sites such as Zillow may just not be enough. In order to get the highest price for your property, a variety of marketing strategies are needed. This will draw the most traffic and competition to a listing resulting in higher sale prices and often times, multiple offers.


Selling a home is not a simple process. Knowing the right keys to success will make the difference in obtaining the highest price for your home. Even in a seller’s market, these 5 keys to successfully selling a home will draw the greatest number of prospective buyers to a property. This in turn, increases the competition, and ultimately, the selling price.


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